You may have heard over the past day or so about the Heartbleed bug — a software vulnerability that could potentially affect sites using OpenSSL (which is a means of encrypting information you send from an app or website to a server). This is a particularly nasty bug in that someone could hack into sites using OpenSSL and leave no trace.

We use OpenSSL to encrypt information sent from our app and web site to our servers — including your email address, username, and password. Was data on Showyou compromised in any way by this bug? Like every other site and service that uses OpenSSL, we have no idea. We don’t think so, but we just don’t know.

So, if you have set a password on our site, the safest route would be to change it now just in case (we upgraded our site and servers this morning with a fix for the Heartbleed exploit). You can do that here:


You can also change your password within our app — just open up the settings panel and tap “edit profile.”




Exploits like Heartbleed are a reminder that the best practice is to have different — and strong — passwords for the sites and services you use on the Internet. Especially sites where you store important personal information. Here’s a good blog post on that from the folks at Google.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Best ways to reach us are:


@showyouapp on Twitter

@showyouapp on Facebook





Showyou 5 & the Expanding Showyou Platform

We’ve just released the latest version of Showyou for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Showyou 5.0.


It’s the simplest and best version of Showyou we’ve made. Get it here now.

We got started over two and a half years ago with our first version of Showyou for the iPad and iPhone, but our service has evolved into something much more than an app. It’s now an end-to-end video platform — indeed, one of the biggest on the Internet, with over 120 million videos indexed, organized into millions of channels made by our users organized by taste and interest using billions of social signals from our users and their friends.

Over the past six months we’ve launched:

Showyou for Android phones

– The Showyou Channel Platform

Showyou for Android Tablets

Showyou for the web, for both desktop and mobile users

– And an experimental Mac desktop app

We’ve tried to make a service that makes it as easy to watch the best videos on the Internet as it is to turn on your TV, available anytime and on any device. We stayed focused on that goal in 2013, people seem to be tuning in:


In November, people watched over 11.4 million minutes of video on Showyou: on our iOS and Android apps, and on the web. Almost triple the minutes watched in October. December isn’t over yet, but looks like we are on pace to equal or exceed November.

We recognize this is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of minutes people spend on YouTube every month. But as we add more platforms, more great programming, and as more people tune in, there is no reason it won’t grow to 100s millions of minutes a month, and then billions. Onwards.



We launched a massive (and beautiful, we must say!) overhaul of Showyou.com earlier in the week, but we remain incredibly focused on our mobile apps.

Showyou has been featured many times before in the AppStore, but we were thrilled and honored to see the Showyou app featured in both the AppStore and GooglePlay store this week. It underscores this: that you can enjoy Showyou on all the screens that matter to you.


AppStore, SocialNetworking



Google Play



The Most Interesting Video Collection on the Internet

Today we’ve launched a brand new version of Showyou on the web available now at Showyou.com. It’s sleek and probably the most beautiful place to watch video on a web browser.

new video page

But it’s also this: the biggest collection of hand-picked videos on the Internet (and indeed, probably the second biggest video site after YouTube in scope and size).  Over 105 million videos, all on Showyou because millions of people — Showyou members and their friends and people they follow on Facebook and Twitter — thought they were worth sharing.

Because Showyou is made by people, we’re able to give you new ways to surf and watch. You can navigate through millions of channels with tens of millions of videos in our collection by taste, point-of-view and interest.

How do we determine “taste” and “point-of-view”? We don’t. Our members do that, with video channels they’ve made by sharing videos on or through Showyou.

And browsing by “interest”? We’ve built millions of topic channels with over 30 million videos.

Nic Cage PageInterested in tattoosBruce LeeGuinness World Recordsrobotshaute coutureBritish comedyducks (the new cats apparently), volcanoesdancea capellagreat white sharks, or the 1990s

We’ve been able to do something both interesting and new — that is, to combine data from a variety of sources with billions of social signals to create these new topically-organized video channels. We assign videos to topics based on the metadata we collect, but rank and filter those lists based on the social signals we observe. Put another way: our topic channels are made by people, with help from machines.

Happy surfing, and enjoy the millions of other interesting topic channels courtesy of our awesome community and some clever engineering (by developers at Showyou and at YouTube, Freebase and other services).

More thoughts on the importance of this launch on Mark’s personal blog.


Showyou for Android Tablets

In addition to the launch today of a massively overhauled (and just plain massive new Showyou.com), we’re also announcing the launch of a new version of Showyou for Android devices, including support for Android tablets.

android-tabletWhen we (quietly!) launched a version of our Showyou service for Android in the spring, we initially targeted the Android smartphone. We had put a lot of work into building a native Android app, but we weren’t sure what kind of reaction we’d get.

We’ve been pleased by the reception so far — mostly 5-star reviews from users, and high praise from the critics — and we think the new version we’ve launched today is a significant step forward.

In addition to support for Android tablets, we’ve made the following improvements for our app for all Android devices:

  • Responsive design, with grid layout in landscape and feed layout in portrait view

  • Implementation of our “channel player” which we use on our iOS apps, with ability to swipe to next video in channel

  • Full screen video playback in landscape

  • Improved performance and usability

This new version of Showyou for Android will work with with devices running Android 4.03 and higher.


Showyou Channels

We’re excited to announce these three things today:

1. An awesome & new Channel Player for the Showyou iPad app

Let it play, or swipe to the next video

Let it play, or swipe to the next video

With the new Showyou app, when you tap on a video from your iPad feed it not only plays that video, it also launches the channel it’s on with our new channel player.

You can sit back and watch, or swipe to go to the next video from the channel. A “next up” alert will pop-up about half-way through the video to tell you what’s next on the channel.

The new channel player is an outgrowth of the carousel player we introduced last December, and we think it’s the most beautiful, fluid way to watch video. Period.

2. Anyone can make a channel on Showyou

Adding the channel player to Showyou has big implications. Your Showyou video grid, or collection, is now your Showyou channel that can be played linearly, too. With the simple act of sharing a video, you’re programming a video channel for the 21st century television — the iPad.

Who can make these channels? Anyone. It’s free, it’s simple, and you can make your channel right from your iPad, your iPhone, Android device, or the web (though we don’t support the new Channel Player on the iPhone and Android devices yet — coming soon though!).

You decide what programming goes on your channel — it can be video you’ve made, or video you’ve found on YouTube, Vimeo, or other channels on Showyou that you want people to see.

And, we’ve also provided new tools to make your channel your own with our custom bumpers. Picking a bumper is like choosing a theme for your blog or Tumblr, but it moves and makes your channel more fun and fluid — just pick a background loop, choose a color and a font et voila. You’re in show business.

Put your personal stamp on your channel

Put your personal stamp on your channel

3. Really in show business? Meet the Showyou Channel Platform.

For folks who make a living from all this — whether you’re a major media company, an independent film-maker, or a full-time curator of great video — the Showyou Channel Platform gives you tools to run your business.

We built this platform to put you in control of your channel. You decide where to host your video (if you’re a producer of video) — YouTube, Vimeo, your own servers, or the hosting service of your choice. You sell the advertising or sponsorships. You keep the revenues.

It’s like having your own app, but without the costs, and maintenance and distribution challenges.

If you choose to use the Showyou Channel Platform, you’ll get additional tools to help you make money (promoted videos and custom bumpers to start, we’ll be adding other capabilities over the coming weeks and months); analytics and insights; and the ability to set up your channel (or channels) to run automatically — all we need is a feed.

Promoted videos for your advertisers and sponsors

Promoted videos for your advertisers and sponsors

All this offered under an incredibly modestly priced platform with monthly fees tailored to your needs and aspirations and viewership.

Better news still — it’s all free for the next 90 days. We recognize we’re offering something new, it’s not (yet) perfect, and that people will want to try this out, kick the tires, experiment, see if it fits their needs.

And we’re cool with that. Let’s build this new video platform together.


Android, Meet Showyou

AndroidShowyouGreetings People of Android!

Over the past year, we’ve been asked frequently by folks with Android phones and tablets: “Could you please make Showyou for Android?”

Today, we have an answer. As Will.I.Am once said, “Yes we can!”

We’ve just launched our very first version of Showyou for Android*, available now in the Google Play store. This initial version of Showyou for Android is targeted for people using  versions 4.0.3 and higher on popular Android phones (like the Galaxy series, HTC One and Nexus) and smaller tablets (like the Nexus 7).

The new version of Showyou on Android works just like our award-winning iPhone app, with all of the same features and functionality, but with an experience that is native to the Android mobile platform. You can tune into videos shared by on your favorite social networks (like Twitter and Facebook); from your favorite channels, with over 200 to choose from including the Daily Show, New York Times and more; and from people you follow on Showyou.

It’s free, it takes a minute to download and set up, and then you’ll have all the day’s best videos in one place.