Some Love for Those Big Phones

Ever since we launched Showyou, we’ve been focused on helping you to find something great to watch. Showyou’s job is to entertain and inform you, whether you’ve got a few minutes to kill or an hour to spend. We do that by connecting you with channels you love, pulling in videos recommended by people you know and trust, and using the wisdom of the crowd to build a playlist personalized just for you that is fresh and new every time you open our app.

Through relentless iteration over the years we’ve worked to make Showyou more fun, easier, and more efficient. With those goals in mind, we’ve been working hard the past couple of months on a brand new version of Showyou for the iPad and iPhone and we’re excited to share it today.

All landscape, all the time

All landscape, all the time

First, you can now use Showyou in portrait or landscape on your phone. Most video apps (including ours, until today) force you to rotate back-and-forth between portrait (to browse) and landscape (to watch). Even though it’s a pain for users to have to do this constant toggling between landscape and portrait, most apps haven’t bothered to offer full support for landscape for a reason — it’s hard, painstaking work to get every screen right, particularly now that there are so many screen sizes.

But what a difference it makes! With this new version of Showyou, the experience on the phone is now closer to what we’ve always offered on the iPad. Sit back and settle into a comfortable chair with your phone, turn it to landscape, and seamlessly switch from browsing to watching. It’s a fantastic new feature for anyone who uses Showyou on the iPhone; for those of you who have the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ you’ll find that the new Showyou is especially glorious.

Beautiful browsing

Beautiful browsing

If you’re watching a video, and you want to share it, or add it to watch later, or just browse a little more, we’ve made that a whole lot easier and more seamless. Just tap on a video in full screen and we’ll take you to a nifty new carousel view (on both the iPhone and iPad, in portrait or landscape). While you continue to watch, you’ll see controls for the video, buttons for interacting with it, and a peek at the videos before and after the one you’re watching. Tap on the video to go back to full screen. Or swipe to move back or forward within the feed or channel you’re viewing. When you’ve found the next video you want to watch, tap it to play.

We don’t think there’s a better browsing and watching experience to be had on your phone or tablet. But improving that experience is a never ending mission, so please let us know what you think and help us to make it even better.

Dive deep when you want

Dive deep when you want

When you’re in the new carousel mode, you’ll see a new “related videos” button. Say, for example, you’ve come across an a great David Attenborough video about lemur monkeys in one of your feeds or channels and you need to see more lemur videos right now. Just tap the related videos button, and voila, a carousel full of lemur monkey videos for you to feast on.

It’s a great, fun way to continue exploring with a simple tap of your finger. You’ll be amazed how many videos there are on just about everything on the Internet, and how many of them you can watch through Showyou. Be sure to have some cheetos, kale, quinoa, and other healthy snacks by your side while you binge.

There are dozens of other improvements large and small. We’re proud of this release, but we’re constantly striving towards perfection and we’re totally committed to making Showyou better… and better… and better. So don’t be shy, let us know what you think — feedback@showyou.com.


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