Reinventing TV

Television is changing. 


Over the next 4-5 years, nearly 1 billion televisions will get connected to the Internet via game consoles, devices like the Roku, AppleTV and Chromecast, and smart TVs. And another billion screens – laptops, tablets, smartphones, all connected to broadband — are now being used as portable televisions. 

With this combination — the connection of the traditional TV to the Internet, and the addition of new portable broadband-connected screens that can function like a TV — people around the world now have new ways to watch and new things to watch. Netflix is the first company to build a significant, deep business around this change, but there will be others.

Including Showyou. Today we’re launching two related, and significant, products that we hope will change the way we watch television and what we watch:

A new self-service subscription platform that lets creators everywhere and anywhere build a subscription-supported video channel on Showyou; and

A channel store, where fans can directly support the creators on our new platform by buying a subscriptions to the channels they’ve launched.



With the Showyou Channel Platform, creators and publishers around the world can now build ad-free subscription channels that are directly supported by their fans. Building a channel with our tools is as easy as setting up your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Fans can stream and watch these channels in  “lean-back” mode, just like a regular TV channel; or they can lean forward, and browse the channel to find just the film or video they want to watch.


Channels built on our subscription platform will be available through our new Channel Store.  The Showyou Channel Store will be available via our iOS apps and our website to start, and we’ll bring it to our other apps over the coming months. Fans anywhere in the world can buy a subscription and directly support the channels they love. No messy bundles, no unwanted channels, no ads.

To give creators everywhere a sense of what’s possible, we’re extremely pleased to also announce our first two subscription channels, IndieFlix and Above Average.

profile-iphone-ipad IndieFlix, founded by filmmakers, offers more than 5,000 films selected from film festival award winners, experimental new features, classic and iconic indies, across genres and with a variety of lengths. IndieFlix connects viewers to movies that will transport us to new worlds, reach deep into our hearts, shock us, stay on our minds for days, or simply make us laugh until we cry.

aboveaverage-iphone-handAbove Average is the online comedy network from Broadway Video, the production company behind Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, Portlandia, and more.  Featuring hit series including “Sound Advice” with Vanessa Bayer, “7 Minutes in Heaven” with Mike O’Brien, and “The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People,” Above Average brings you some of the best comedy series and videos on the web. 

We’re proud to launch with IndieFlix and Above Average today. Not only do they each bring great, ad-free programming to their fans, they also allow us to imagine how our new platform could be used and where this might lead us. Whether you’re a publisher with a library of 10,000 films, or a YouTube creator, Showyou offers a new place to reach your fans; to offer them a beautiful, engaging way to watch your programming; and to make a living without having to rely (or solely rely) on advertising.

We’re excited to see what talented creators make on this new platform with us.