Android, Meet Showyou

AndroidShowyouGreetings People of Android!

Over the past year, we’ve been asked frequently by folks with Android phones and tablets: “Could you please make Showyou for Android?”

Today, we have an answer. As Will.I.Am once said, “Yes we can!”

We’ve just launched our very first version of Showyou for Android*, available now in the Google Play store. This initial version of Showyou for Android is targeted for people using  versions 4.0.3 and higher on popular Android phones (like the Galaxy series, HTC One and Nexus) and smaller tablets (like the Nexus 7).

The new version of Showyou on Android works just like our award-winning iPhone app, with all of the same features and functionality, but with an experience that is native to the Android mobile platform. You can tune into videos shared by on your favorite social networks (like Twitter and Facebook); from your favorite channels, with over 200 to choose from including the Daily Show, New York Times and more; and from people you follow on Showyou.

It’s free, it takes a minute to download and set up, and then you’ll have all the day’s best videos in one place.