Sound on Showyou on iOS6

Some of you have written in (or tweeted) that the sound on Showyou stopped working when you upgraded to iOS6.

Here’s the culprit — sound doesn’t work if you have the “Mute” switched on. There are two places you might need to check, as outlined in this post at Apple.com, to see if you’ve set the audio to mute on your iPad.

First, check your settings to see if you’re using the side switch for “Mute” or “Lock Rotation.”

If you’re using the side switch for mute, just move that switch back to the “On” position (un-muting your iPad) and Showyou audio should play.

If you’re using the side switch for “Lock Rotation” then double-tap the home button on your iPad, swipe over to the audio controls, and check to make sure mute is “Off.” Once you’ve turned mute “Off” you should be able to hear audio from the app.

We’ll have an update our to Showyou in a week or so which addresses this, and allows audio to play from Showyou even when you have the mute switch on. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.