Seamless Sharing

When you find a great video on Showyou — which happens every time you open up the app — you almost always want to share it with your friends.

That’s why we launched Showyou on the web last month, so all your friends could see the videos you find and share via Showyou.

And now we’ve just released a new version of Showyou that makes it easier and more fun to let your friends know about videos you’re watching on Showyou and videos you’ve posted to your Showyou grid.

First, we’ve enabled support for Facebook Timeline so you can let your Facebook friends know about all the great videos you’re watching on Showyou. Just turn on “Watch” sharing from the app or the web.

We’ve been using this for the past week, and it’s good fun. When you watch a video, it gets posted automatically to your Facebook timeline so your friends can watch, too. And, if you don’t want a particular video to be shared, you just click the “remove” button under the video. Easy.

If you’ve connected your Showyou account to Facebook, we’ll also post the videos you “share” on Showyou to your Facebook account. That way your friends on Facebook will know when you’ve added videos to your grid that they should watch. If you don’t want videos you’ve shared on Showyou to go to Facebook, you can disable this in settings (Sharing Options).

For those of you who use Twitter, we’ve also improved sharing with Twitter. When you “share” a video on Showyou, it’s just an extra tap to share it out to your friends and followers on Twitter. Sharing videos on Twitter lets your friends know there is something new to watch on your grid.

One last thing — your friends on Facebook and Twitter can now do more than watch. They can join Showyou, follow your grid, and build their own grids with their favorite videos — whether they have an iPhone, iPad, or not as we’ve opened up Showyou.com today.

One more reason to share those videos you find on Showyou with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.