The New Normal

Last night, I just wanted to relax and watch a little telly. So I turned on the tube, with great hopes of finding something fun to watch. Among the things on offer: “Dance Moms” and “Real Housewives OC.” Inspiring.

So I grabbed the iPad, opened up Showyou, and within seconds was watching this:

The 30 minutes I spent watching this were riveting, interesting, and informative. I learned something. This would never have aired on television (except on Frontline on PBS).

On Showyou, it’s been shared by over 1200 people already — over 1000 of our users found it and shared it in the last 24 hours. That’s how I knew to tune in.

With the iPad connected now to an entire universe of programming distributed on the Internet, and with social signals to help guide us to the good and worthy stuff, the world has changed. My experience from last night is going to be the new normal.