500 Hours on Twitter

Every day on Showyou, we see 3-4 million links to videos from our members’ Twitter feeds. We took a snapshot of the most popular videos every 15 minutes for three weeks in November and December. This shows the Top 100 changing over time. Each second of the video represents 150 minutes of elapsed time.


11 for 11: The Top Eleven Videos of 2011 on Showyou

We’re doing a little digging through our stats, and looking back at the past 8 months since Showyou launched. Given we see millions of new videos every month shared by our users and their friends on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, we thought it might be useful to look back at the most shared videos of 2011 on Showyou.

Here they are:












As you might surmise, the first couple of hundred thousand folks using Showyou are a geeky lot!  But, we think it also points to the growing popularity of, and incredible interest in, technology more broadly.

We’ll be sharing more trends from 2011 in upcoming posts.


20 Million Hand-Picked Videos, Now on Showyou

Last Tuesday, we passed a significant milestone — we added the 20 millionth video to the Showyou search engine. In the week since we passed that milestone, we’ve added another 1 million videos to our search engine.

But here’s the truly amazing thing about that: every one of the videos in our search engine is there because someone on Showyou shared it, or one of their friends on Facebook or Twitter did. Computers didn’t decide that these video are worth watching; people did.

In a world where more programming will get uploaded to YouTube in the next week than you can watch in your lifetime, this kind of human filtering is critical. When you’re searching for something to watch, you need human signals to tell you if something is funny or beautiful or awesome. Showyou does that; it tames the chaos of the web.