Good Company

Two recent pieces of news.

We’re pleased to be part of the select group of folks Twitter has highlighted to celebrate the arrival of iOS5, and the deep integration with Twitter it affords. Nice!

More good company to be found in the Wired Magazine “App Guide” — their review of essential tools for your iOS and Android devices. Showyou was named by Wired as one of “25 Outstanding Social Apps” — the list also included Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype, Instagram, and Foursquare. Howdy neighbors!


The Video Firehose

Showyou is a great way, the best way, to see all the videos shared on your favorite social networks — videos from people you follow on Twitter, or shared by your friends on Facebook.

How videos from our users’ Twitter and Facebook feeds get onto Showyou involves some computational magic. Once our users connect Showyou to their Twitter or Facebook accounts, we continuously scan their feeds (all day, everyday) and look at the links in those feeds. When we see a video that will play on the iPad and iPhone, we grab it.

As the chart below shows, when we started out in April, we were pulling in about 500,000 videos per day from our users’ feeds on Twitter and Facebook (of course, not all of them unique — there are many duplicates in that number).  In the first ten days of October, we’ve pulled in, on average, about 3 million videos per day from those feeds.

On Tuesday, we pulled in 3.9M videos from our users’ feeds.

Three quarters (75%) of those videos were from our users’ Twitter feeds. That’s especially astonishing given we have about twice as many users who have connected Showyou to Facebook as to Twitter. On average, users who have connected Showyou to Twitter see ten times the number of videos from their friends or people they follow as users who have connected to Facebook.

This really makes clear this essential point: if you use Twitter, you’ll absolutely want to use Showyou. A lot of videos get shared in your Twitter feeds, people. And Showyou is the an essential video app that helps you to keep track of, and watch, all of them.

And with yesterday’s announcements, its’ easier than ever to connect Showyou with your Twitter account on the iPad or iPhone.


Showyou, Now with more Twitter

We’re huge fans of Twitter, and so we were thrilled when Apple announced in June (at WWDC) that Twitter would be deeply integrated in to the new iOS5 software launched today.

What could be better?

Twitter has always been an integral part of the Showyou experience. And if you’re a Twitter user and have an iPhone or iPad, Showyou is a must-have app. After all, Showyou provides the very best way to watch all the videos shared by people you follow on Twitter, in a “beautifully interactive 2D wall will give you material to watch for days.”

With iOS5, the pairing of Showyou with Twitter is tastier than ever. With your Twitter account, you can sign up for Showyou with a simple tap. Amazing. Just one tap to start seeing all the videos from people you follow on Twitter, in one place on your iPad or iPhone.

When you see a video on Showyou from a friend on Twitter, you can reply to their tweet, mark it as a favorite, or share it with others.  And with the new “tweet sheet” built in to iOS5, sharing a video from Showyou to your friends on Twitter has never been easier.

This is just the start. We will be adding further ways for our users to incorporate Twitter into their Showyou experience in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!