Search on Showyou

Forty-eight hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone every minute of every day. And there are thousands – no, tens of thousands – of other videos sites out there large and small.

How to make sense of it all?

Showyou, of course. We help you find great stuff to watch every day. And now you can search millions of videos — but just the good stuff.  Videos shared by your friends. Or friends of your friends. Or friends of their friends.

Every single one of the more than 12 million videos available through our new search engine is there because one of these people thought it was worth sharing — on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Vodpod. We use that data not only to determine what videos are in our database, but how to rank them.

After all, we think the best way to find a video to watch is through people. Including when you search.

Showyou search — it’s people-powered.


Grids on Showyou from the Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED and More

Watching videos from your friends on the Showyou grid is a blast.

And now there are more grids to browse on Showyou, and more videos to watch.

Starting today, you’ll find dozens of news grids to browse, including grids for The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and TED, all with awesome videos to watch and to share.  You’ll see more grids, from more video makers and publishers, in the coming weeks.

As you browse through the Showyou grid you’ll come across “stacks” — those are links to other Grids you can browse.

Just tap the stack, or use the spread motion to open the new Grid.

You can also find grids to browse by tapping on our new grid “tray.”

Any publisher who makes or creates or curates video programming can now create their own grid. If you make or curate videos and want to build a Showyou grid, get in touch here.

Happy viewing.


A Touch Up on the iPad

We’ve rearranged the furniture a bit. Showyou on the iPad looks a little different this morning.


You’ll see new navigation at the bottom of the Showyou interface, with tabs to reach the Grids, your Watch It Later queue, notifications from your friends, and your profile. And we removed the feed view; people love the Grid, it appears, and the feed view didn’t appear to be necessary (if you’re worried about this, don’t, the feed is still very much available on the iPhone, or on Showyou.com).

Interacting with videos is much simpler. If you like a video, just tap the “Like” button — we’ll add the video to your profile on Showyou, and share it with your friends on Showyou. If you’ve got something to say about the video, just tap “Comment” and your friends will get a notification that you not only shared the video, but talked about it, too.

Finally, we’ve added something our users have asked about for months — sharing videos by email. Sorry it took us so long, enjoy!