One-Click to Share or Watch Later

Browsing the web, and see a video (from YouTube, Vimeo, TED) you want to watch later?

Get the Showyou Bookmarklet.

Just a click to share a video with your friends on Showyou (and also out to your friends on Facebook, Twitter — indeed, it may be the easiest way to share video to Facebook or Twitter).

Or, a click to put the video in your Watch Later queue.

One click to share. Or watch later. Simple.


Showyou: Now on all the screens that matter

The iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and your TV* — Showyou works with all of them.

Only thing missing? Your laptop or desktop.

No longer. Today we’re announcing Showyou for the web, a lovely little HTML5 app that let’s you check in on Showyou when you’re at your desk, and using a computer. Just go here and log in with your Facebook or Twitter credentials:


You’ll see the videos your friends are sharing and you’ll be able to access your Watch It Later queue, too.

*With your Apple TV


Watch It Later, with Showyou

Don’t have time to watch that awesome-looking video right now?

No sweat. Now you just need to tap the Watch It Later button on Showyou.

It’s the perfect feature for Showyou on the iPhone. You can check out what videos your friends are sharing, and add the ones that look interesting to your Watch It Later queue.

Then, watch them when you’re ready — on your iPad, iPhone, your TV (with Apple TV) or the web on the new Showyou.com.