Showyou on the iPad

Start with the Grid. It’s an immersive, fun, and entirely new way to see what your friends are sharing. And to explore popular videos from other folks, too.

You can customize the Grid by inviting your friends to join Showyou; connecting Showyou to Facebook and Twitter and Vodpod (we’ll be adding support for YouTube and Tumblr soon); and by following other Showyou users.

Explore the Grid and just tap a thumbnail when you see a video you want to watch. You can share videos you love with other friends on Showyou, or out to your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

When your friends get Showyou, you’ll also see what they’re sharing — and saying — in the feed.

You can watch videos inline. And when you see something a friend has shared that you like, why not thank them. It’s polite!


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